Upcoming Event

August 27, 2009

I can’t say I am not biased on this one! I am in it! But I will need someone to review it. Anyone that wants to review 18th Street events are welcome to do so!


Whimsical somnambulence, care-free chaos, terrifying madness & lyric ecstasy, as we sit enveloped by sound. Barbara Smith and her cohorts have gathered to perform a symphony based off a score made of black and white  photographs of palm trees and power lines taken from an moving car  by her in the 1970’s.

Literally structured by the images, the musicians will play a piece which cannot be imagined until you hear and see it while Mike Mollett as the spirit of L.A., plays in the mud.

Fri + Sat 8:30pm $20/$15
All proceeds benefit Highways.


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