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August 30, 2009

I know I have done a lot of Highways stuff. But this guy is a dancer I am going to check out!


September 4 + 5

(A Eulogy)


A night of performance for the perpetually brokenhearted. Jackie Onassis, mass suicide, and karaoke team up with Tina Turner and collected love letters in a failed attempt at acceptance of love’s relentless persistence and the inescapable reality of constant death.

Conceived and directed by Los Angeles based performance artist Gregory Barnett, Die Muthafuckah Die!!! features an army of dancers, actors, strippers, and sex workers who exist in a world where intimacy and pain are inextricably linked, the characters surviving in purgatory with hopes of eventual fulfillment.  Featured pieces include, “I Scream So Loud You’d Think My Hymen Was Intact”, “Suite Like A Sucker (sucker like an idiot)”, and “I Love The Way You Keep Your Eyes Closed During Sex.”

Performed by Gregory Barnett, Cricket, Angela Drown, Krys Fox, Laura Fuller, Kathleen Minogue Keagy, Glenn Kessler, Justin Streichman, and Meg Wolfe.  Opening the evening are two solo performances; “Hermes Grotto” by Michael Lucid, and new work by the phenomenal Marnie Castor.

Fri + Sat 8:30pm $20/$15


Upcoming Event

August 27, 2009

I can’t say I am not biased on this one! I am in it! But I will need someone to review it. Anyone that wants to review 18th Street events are welcome to do so!


Whimsical somnambulence, care-free chaos, terrifying madness & lyric ecstasy, as we sit enveloped by sound. Barbara Smith and her cohorts have gathered to perform a symphony based off a score made of black and white  photographs of palm trees and power lines taken from an moving car  by her in the 1970’s.

Literally structured by the images, the musicians will play a piece which cannot be imagined until you hear and see it while Mike Mollett as the spirit of L.A., plays in the mud.

Fri + Sat 8:30pm $20/$15
All proceeds benefit Highways.

Upcoming Event

August 19, 2009


The Revolution Will… and Mal Ojo Productions present:
Footprints on the Asphalt and other films
A film screening and discussion with filmmaker, Elias Serna.

Wednesday, August, 26th, 2009    7:30 pm -9:30pm
In the Project Room, Studio #2 in the 1629 Building at 18th St.
18th St. Arts Complex
1639 18th St., Santa Monica, CA 90404
Phone 310.453.3711

Originally an MFA thesis film  (UCLA), Footprints on the Asphalt, (Elias Serna, 44min. 2002). surveys political causes over three recent decades. Featuring interviews with activists, scholars and artists, the film guides us through Chicano/Latino /creative positions on issues such as Vietnam, policing, the war in Central America, Chicano Stuidies, Affirmative Action, Proposition 187, the Zapatista rebellion and media criminalization. Raza activism, the film suggests, has left “footprints on the asphalt” text of history, by reclaiming public space and leaving reminders of how agency is enacted in unconventional yet creative ways.

Reel Polemic: The Visual Rhetoric of Medium Cool, Year of the Pig and 3rd Cinema, (Elias Serna, 12min, 2009) A documentary film essay that explores political violence in 1960’s film.

Decolonize (Elias Serna, 4 min., 2008) Music video for the band, Aztlan Underground.

This program is organized  by Sandra de la Loza as part of her project, The Revolution Will… that she is producing during her artist residency at 18th St. Arts Complex.
Also, if you didn’t get to check out or hear, her installation at the opening,  it is open for view M-F from 11am-5pm until September 26th.

For more info. Contact: Sandra de la Loza at spacechola@hotmail.com or visit
www.therevolutionwill.blogspot.com for updates and project related documentation.